From the Manse

April 2018

Alleluia Christ is risen. He is risen indeed, Alleluia!

Our Easter joy comes after the work of Lent - time when we've put effort into our spiritual story, perhaps through daily study, or action, or thought about our lives and those with whom we live.

As Methodists we are encourage to 'Watch over each other in love,' as indeed we have been in Lent groups, coffee mornings, walking together and through our prayers.

Watching over is not a passive pastime, but action. In formal ways we recognise our accountability to one another, through training and supervision. Watching over, supports community, helping others, at the same time making sense of our own life's journey in this season of life.

We are loved beyond measure by our creator, redeemer, saviour, friend, who walked the way of the cross, in order that all can be reconciled - people and creation - and now and again we receive glimpses of such love and grace, we can't account for or adequately express.

At Synod we were reminded of these words: 'The only thing that matters is the profound meditation on the grace of God, revealed in Jesus Christ.' (Baker- Secretary of Conference 1972).

As we celebrate the season of Easter, perhaps the challenge remains to pause a bit longer, and consider the mystery of God...

May you find great joy in watching over and being watched over in love.

Happy Easter!
Rev Suva